Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Former NSR station reopenings on the table - Plus a few others!!!

Stoke on Trent city council (The council) is looking at the possibility of reopening former NSR stations on the Stoke - Derby line, namely Fenton, Normacot and Meir. The council also said they were interested in opening stations at "Trentham lakes", "Chatterley valley" and "Etruria valley".
This would be excellent news. However, with all plans on this scale it could be decades away. Such stations would obviously create more options for people in and out of the area and whilst possibly taking, say, 10% of Stoke stations passenger figures, would overall, bring more people IN TOTAL to the railway. Planners, investors and businesses look favourably on transport links and so this would benefit the area greatly.
Another good point is the fact that the only realistic site for "Trentham lakes" station would be the site of the original NSR Trentham station which in my mind is the same as it being reopened!!!
BUT, the one terrible point to note from this is that the "Etruria valley" station will REPLACE Longport and Etruria stations. Etruria is already closed, by stealth, and this ends any hopes that it could possibly be reopened! Unfortunately, Etruria station was closed just before a new housing estate for thousands of people was opened! The current Longport station would close also!

On a lighter note, plans are ahead to provide an hourly service from Birmingham to Manchester, stopping at Wolverhampton, Stafford, Stone, Stoke, possibly Kidsgrove, Congleton, Macclesfield, Prestbury, Adlington, Poynton, Bramhall, Cheadle Hulme and Stockport. There is also the possibility of reviewing the former Stoke - Stafford local service stopping at Norton bridge, Stone, Barlaston and Wedgwood. Stops at these could be put into the aforementioned hourly service.
In my opinion, to make this service as successful as possible it should stop at Norton bridge, Barlaston, Wedgwood, Etruria and Longport for certain as this gives more people more destinations. Lets wait and see what happens!

For more information on the Manchester to Birmingham local service follow this link:

reopenings on the table, its about time !!!!!
Hey Aidan
Its CVR Boffin (Or Tom Pointon) as if you found my blog, i didn't set the tree on fire, it was frank!
now a days railway timings are good in manchester
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