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Etruria station closed - Friday, 30th of September 2005

Etruria station was closed on Friday the 30th of September 2005.

The final train was Northern Trains Unit 323226 which left at 07.16.

Many campaigners and others stood with placards bearing messages such as "Death of a station" and "first Etruria - where next?". One person handed the driver a wreath.

Comments on the running down of the service, were made. Also, how many more people would use the service if it was better marketed.

Susan Dawson from the North Staffordshire public transport users forum said how congestion in the city is horrendous. She also said: "We do feel quite emotional today".

David Redgewell of Transport 2000 said: "Nowhere in Europe would the government close a railway station when they are building new houses right next to it."

But Etruria has now been closed despite all the obvious reasons for keeping it (traffic, new housing estate), but it was probably destined to happen years before with Richard Branson using money to bribe the right people into letting his through services have a virtual monoploy on the line and with local services being cut massively.

Also, they claimed that the main reason for closure was because of it having 'less than 22 passengers a day. According to the Times there are 300 stations across the network with fewer than 22 passengers a day and 150 with fewer than 7.

Etruria station is the first to be closed under the new Labour government (since 1997)

Etruria station

9th of October 1848 - 30th of September 2005

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