Thursday, March 23, 2006


Yet more bad news for the Crewe - Derby local service

It has been announced that Stoke and Stafford stations are to get multi story car parks. The intention is to attract more passengers to use rail. Thats great, but as part of the west coast mainline projects, an extra third Virgin trains service will go through Stoke on top of the two an hour that already pass through Stoke en route to Manchester. This extra third train an hour will go via Crewe rather than Macclesfield. This further reduces availiable paths for the local Crewe-Derby service.
To summarise, Longport station does not stand any chance of getting a service. And the chances are that the other stations served by the local services will be affected. This is a step towards closure, no doubt. So if you live in Alsager, Kidsgrove, Longport, Longton, Blythe bridge, Uttoxeter or Tutbury and Hatton, then your service will be affected. The only thing that can be done now is to encourage use.
To help, tell people that you know, of the hourly service at the stations listed and maybe direct them to the Central trains website ( if they are connected to the internet. Timetable enquiries can be made by telephone, by calling National rail on 08457 48 49 50 .

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